Work on the choice of the LOGO of the project.

In December, 2021 project partners were involved into activities of choosing the LOGO of  the project. The students participated with a great excitement and the Logo created by Portuquese team won the competition.

Since now we will use it as our project logo. The explanation of the logo is:

The graphics aim to be cheerful and lively, with colours not very lush but diverse, where green is “king”!

The concept is of simple understanding, in which the planet serves as a plate/bowl that supports foods that, in turn, are represented in an exuberant way, to enhance their origin.

Lettering is divided into 2 typologies, “FromtheEarth”, in a more handwritten version and using the colour green, to associate with the nature of the planet; the other, “TO THE PLATE”, more rigorous and in capital, to oppose to the previous, given the geometric shape of the “plate” designated in the sentence. However, on the whole, the two text segments link in one context through, above all, colour.